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Thread: Guppy Hybrids: True Or False?

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    Guppy Hybrids: True Or False?

    Hello All
    I did something yesterday which I'm now a bit concerned about. I bought a breeding group of "Blue" Wild Type Swordtail Xiphophorous (Sp.?) 1 male 2 gravid females and 2 unsexed juvies.
    I would like to know if anyone can answer with 100% certainty that they will NOT hybridize. Or if there is a slight chance that they in fact will?

    Also if anyone wants to know about a Guppy hybrid cross please feel free to ask or post your observations and any relevant info.

    Guppy X Swortail/Platy: False, Platies/Swordtails are in the genus Xiphophorous and Guppies are in the genus Poeciliidae

    Platy/Swordtail X Molly: ?

    Guppy X Molly: TRUE, but the consensus is in that ALL resulting offspring are infertile. See link provided...

    Guppy X Endler: TRUE, ALL offspring will carry the genetic makeup of both parents and are indeed completely fertile. Thus keeping the two species separate is a must to preserve their unique qualities.

    Guppy X Gambusia: TRUE, Please see link...

    Guppy X Flexi××××× Vittatus(Gambusia?)TRUE,Please see link...

    Guppy X Micropoecilia Picta: Unknown,Unsure, Possibility?

    Guppy X Micropoecilia Parae: Unknown,Unsure, Possibility?
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    Many years ago I had a female mollie in with loads of male guppies.
    She gave me a drop and the off spring looked strange shape, brown in colour, and like 4 black bars running down their sides.
    All was well (got to about 3-4 months in age) but they seemed like ticking bombs, as within 10 day of each other, all just died no reason.
    I put it down to natures way stoppin such a cross.
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    I will be watching this thread since I would love to know too.

    I plan to get some Swords as "Ron's strain" to raise and even though I would have them in their own tanks, it is interesting to find out as well. I may put some Sword males in the all male tank. The mix of fish would be lovely to watch in the living room! Pyne
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    I think you're pretty safe with the sword tails and platies. I read that guppies can't cross with picta, but that picta and parae can cross and parae might be able to cross with guppies.
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    I belive Dan is correct.... I also think that I read that any fry would be unable to breed... but not sure...
    Keep us posted.
    Contact direct @ Cheers! =)

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    Mollies – Poecilia Latipinna
    Guppies – Poecilia Reticulata
    Endler’s – Poecilia sp. Endler's

    Swordtails – Xiphophorus helleri
    Platies - Xiphophorus maculatus
    Variable Platy – Xiphophorus variatus

    Platies, Variable Platies , and swordtail are so very closely related that they will often breed resulting to many color varieties of xiphophorus that we enjoyed.

    Mollies and Guppies are not that common crossed, but there are some rumor that they do successfully crossed them, but they tend to be sterile and eventually dies at young age.

    Endler’s and Guppies are so very closely related that they will often breed resulting to many color varieties available at the local fish store (LFS). Note: Before buying endler’s make sure that it is really an endler’s not just a feeder guppies.

    There are documented cases of Common Guppy males impregnating Molly females. Pictures were published in Dr. Axelrod's "Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fishes." They proved to be infertile and developed tumors as they matured and subsequently died.

    If the gonopodium structure is incorrect and crossing is impossible,The gonopodium structure of males is the primary way to the genus of a fish. This is what's used to place packets of sperm on the genital opening of the female, if they do not match then a crossing is impossible.

    Looking at the genus two species belong to is a good guideline for predicting whether they will be able to hybridize or not. However, it isn't a sure guide. Both platies and swords are in the genus Xiphophorus and both mollies and guppies are in the genus Poceilia. But, clearly, the ease with which these fish hybridize and their genetic compatibility is not comparable.
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    This is certainly interesting. I'm in for some knowledge and it is peaking my interest. Paul
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    Can Mollies and Swordtails/Platies hybridize?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanofEarth View Post
    I think you're pretty safe with the sword tails and platies.
    I did really KNOW this. LOL. Just wanted to be 100% sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by DanofEarth View Post
    I read that guppies can't cross with picta, but that picta and parae can cross and parae might be able to cross with guppies.
    Interesting? Will look into it.

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    Breeders have been hybridizing livebearers for many years now, for different reasons. Sometimes it’s for color ,sometimes fin shapes. Recently I was successful in hybridizing Gambusia affnis with my Cremecicle molly strain. I’m working on this , so molly’s can be kept in cooler waters. The main problem with molly’s is they require very worm water. By crossing them with Gambusia I’m hoping to improve a molly’s ability to be kept in cooler waters. Below are some pictures of my F1’s.
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